Protect your car’s screen

Take care of the appearance and usability of the display in your car. Electronic clocks, navigation, climate control, radio are constantly used while travelling, and on their surface, unsightly fingerprints or scratches from fingernails and constant cleaning of the screen with cloths are formed.

We will adjust the foil for each screen of each car

For years, we have been leaders on the global market in securing smartphones and electronic devices – no screen is afraid of us!

Every car today has a smaller or larger screen, and their sizes in the premium class can exceed 26 ”. On sunny days, the surface of the glossy displays reflects sunlight, which makes the information displayed on them unreadable, but they can also offend the driver and make driving difficult. The ProtectionPro Matte protective film will not only solve this problem by making the screen more readable, but also minimize traces of everyday use, leaving the screen free from fingerprints.

Scratches and deeper scratches appear on an unprotected screen during use and cleaning. After a few years, when you want to replace your car with a newer model, the potential buyer will also assess the condition of the interior of your vehicle, the “command center” of which is the touch panel. Its condition tells a lot about the condition of the vehicle, conditions of use and can contribute to the valuation of the car.

You can remove the protective film at any time, and the display will be as beautiful and shiny as on the day the film was installed.

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Our offer

Advanced protection

The ProtectionPro ULTRA MATTE foil can be installed on any display, whether it is rectangular, oval or concave. Each screen pattern is precisely prepared by us for the model of your vehicle.

Every size

The foil we apply is not combined with several elements, as in the case of the competition, but is one dedicated sheet perfectly prepared for your vehicle (in the photo the latest AMG with a screen diagonal up to 26″). We will protect EVERY screen!

Satin Film

Our ULTRA MATTE satin film not only protects the screen, but also reduces solar reflections by dispersing them. Thanks to this, the driver is not dazzled while driving, and the journey becomes safer. However, if you do not want to give up the glossy screen – the Ultra foil is for you, which we also have on offer.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Do you have doubts? Not sure if the foil will be available? Are you looking for a professional installation point? Check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” section or contact us directly.

Our specialists will answer your every question, advise you on the choice of the product, arrange the installation and provide professional support.

A few of our sample implementations

We have successfully applied the foil in cooperation with dealers of the following car brands


Safety on the road

Drive safely without glare while driving.


Made in the USA

Quality straight from the USA – the same quality that you protect your mobile devices.


Highest quality

Quality, precision and solutions dedicated to a specific vehicle model.

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Does the foil protect against scratches?

Yes! Our ProtectionPro Automotive film is a film with the same properties as the ProtectionPro brand film that protects other electronic devices.

Does the foil fit perfectly?

Yes, the foil fits over the entire active surface of your vehicle’s screen. In the case of “nested” screens, it is possible that the foil will be cut to allow assembly. However, we avoid such treatments.

Does satin film protect the same?

Of course! Satin foil is of the same class and quality as the Glossy ProtectionPro foil, but its properties mean that, in addition to protecting the screen, it reflects (disperses) the sun’s rays falling on the screen, ensuring safety while driving on a sunny day.

What if i have multiple screens?

No problem! You can have one large screen, many smaller ones, you can also have screens in different places of the vehicle – the security is dedicated to a given car model, so it will not be a problem for your vehicle and each screen to be equally protected.

Can I put the film on in the salon?

Of course. Many showrooms already offer film assembly at the factory acceptance stage of the vehicle, or during the inspection / service service. If you need any information – contact our support.

Where can I buy the film?

Feel free to contact us. Our support team will provide you with information on the availability of film (if your vehicle is not yet on the compatibility list), will tell you where to arrange the assembly and answer all your questions.

What's the difference between ProtectionPro and ClearPlex?

It is the same film. The ClearPlex brand has changed its name, but it is still a top quality product, manufactured in the USA, of the highest quality.

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