Clearplex film where to buy

Want to protect your device with ClearPlex foil, which is even used by NASA? Remember to use only the offer of our proven, certified sellers. Only in such points, you can be sure of the originality of the product, its resistance to mechanical damage and other difficult conditions. Retailers have our modern trimming systems at their disposal. These are specialized machines, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and extremely precisely match the protection elements to a specific device. The ClearPlex film is prepared based on special templates made available by our company to all certified vendors.

At the official point, you can also order a foil dedicated to protecting the casing, e.g. backs of a mobile phone. You can outsource the preparation of a completely personalized product. Our database currently includes 40 interesting designs in various colours, thanks to which you can change the look of your device or refresh it. Check now where to buy our original accessories from the official Polish distribution.

ClearPlex film – use the map and see where you can buy it

The list of partner stores grows from year to year, covering not only the largest but also much smaller Polish towns. If you want to check where you order the original foil, use the map prepared by us now. Enter the city you are looking for in the search field. The tool will automatically show you the closest points of sale where you can find our products.

You can also browse the sellers in the list under the search engine. Select the voivodship you are interested in, and then the city. Thanks to this, you will quickly find a proven point where you can order the original, top-quality ClearPlex film at an affordable price.

Take advantage of our offer today. You can put the product on the LCD screen yourself or use our help. We offer a comprehensive service that includes cutting the foil for a specific device and its professional assembly.